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Pai You Guo Capsule

Pai You Guo , adopted kinds of amazing natural ingredients and combined with modern biomedical extraction technology, is made to control the appetite and low the fat absorption to help lose weight Pai You in Chinese means oil discharge or fat discharge, Pai You Guo contains Pai You Guo Capsule and Pai You Guo Tea, It can reduce the absorption of fat in the food, the fat that not be absorbed will...

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Pai You Ji Diet Tea

Authentic Pai You Ji Plus (18 packets) Pai You Ji a kind slimming tea which is based on an herbal slimming remedy with all natural ingredients and is fortified with vitamins, being low in calories with virtually no fat, it effectively reduces your weight Pai You Ji helps to support the healing of the body, lose weight and stay slim, mainly aim at the "bucket waist", "general big...

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